Solar UKSolar is the fastest growing technology (Cupertino)

The risk of blackouts this coming winter is slightly higher than last year because of the closure of “high polluting power stations”.
The annual Winter Review and Consultation report for 2015 was released this week which states National Grid has had to take “preventative steps” to make sure the UK is not plunged into darkness this coming winter.
The company says it had secured 2.56GW of power through the capacity mechanism, costing a reported £36 million because “old power stations will continue to be decommissioned”.
Solar is also reported as the fastest growing generation technology with over 8 GW installed already in the UK. It reads: “Combined with energy storage solar can also be one of the most flexible sources of power, even contributing to peak demand in winter.”
The REA has since commented on the report release calling on the UK government to support more work being done into energy storage.
REA head of external affairs James Court said: ““It is essential that the government adopts new technologies to solve these ongoing grid problems, both to prevent increasing bills for consumers and to provide energy security. The REA is calling for a coherent national grid strategy that recognises the importance of solar and energy storage and the role they can play in solving grid issues.”

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