Talesun Starts PV Production in Thailand; 500 MW Capacity Each for Modules and Solar Cells

Talesun Starts PV Production in Thailand; 500 MW Capacity Each for Modules and Solar Cells

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Total production capacity reaches 2 GW for solar cells, and 3 GW for PV modules

The new facility will exclusively meet demand in overseas markets. The opening of this new PV production facility in South East Asia sees Talesun increase its total production capacity to two gigawatts for solar cells, and three gigawatts for PV modules.

The company will produce all its major module types at the Thai facility. The corresponding solar cell production is taking place entirely on site and European deliveries will begin in the first six months of 2016.

The company is currently concluding all of the important certification processes both within the country and on the international level. These will ensure, from the outset, that the factory produces products that meet all of the established standards of the solar industry.

According to the producer, the efficiency levels of the solar cells and PV modules produced in Rayong are 20.3%, and 17.55% respectively.

Zhongli Talesun Solar – recently confirmed by Bloomberg as a Tier 1 manufacturer – has invested some two billion Renminbi Yuan in the construction of the production facility – a figure that equates to approximately EUR 292 million.

“The commencement of production in Thailand represents another important step in our plan to invest around 15 billion Renminbi Yuan at the site by 2018,” explains Eva Belletti, Managing Director at Talesun Solar Germany GmbH.

“Our new state of the art facility maintains our commitment to an automation strategy. This ensures that the high quality of our cells and modules remains constant, irrespective of where they are produced.”

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