Backpack for Drones

Backpack for Drones

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Photograph courtesy Think Tank PhotoPhotograph courtesy Think Tank Photo

Think Tank Airport Helipak

Camera copters like the ultra-popular DJI Phantom pretty much take the cake for being awkward to carry and not fitting neatly into packs. Luckily, if it’s one thing Think Tank does, it’s find ways to carry awkward, sensitive gear neatly in packs.

The Airport Helipak was built with the Phantom in mind. The quadcopter slides nicely into the bottom of the 14-by-20-by-9-inch pack without having to remove the landing skids (though the propellers, not surprisingly, must come off), and there are dedicated compartments for hardware, extra batteries, remote control, charger, and more. The dividers are deeper and more rigid than in a typical camera pack, a nod to all the accessories that drones require (and the teeny tiny camera), but are serviceable if you want to slip your DSLR in there, too.

Get It: $240;

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