Evolution Wear Solar Powered Jacket Backpack

Evolution Wear Solar Powered Jacket Backpack

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The Winter Solstice has a fully water repellent exterior with a soft quilted, water resistant lining and detachable hood. Our solar charger is completely detachable and flexible, making it ergonomically seamless. Our 4400 MAH battery pack has enough power to fully charge any phone or usb device with battery to spare, for example and iPhone 6s plus has a 2915 MAH battery. The interior of the jacket|backpack has 3 primary pockets. The middle and main pocket is the largest of the 3 pockets and is capable of holding up to a full sized 15 inch MacBook pro  or other laptop. The two remaining pockets are on each side and are capable of holding any size phone and mid-sized tablets. The left inside pocket has a covered entrance for the charger’s cord to connect and charge your phone or battery safely within your inside pocket. In backpack mode, the entire bottom of the jacket can be zipped to make your inside pockets not the only storage space available, the entire jacket itself becomes one big pocket fit for your daily outdoor needs.



What began as a dream of an idea 4 years ago, has become Evolution Wear. This dream has finally sprung to life and developed into, what we hope, to be a new era of clothing standard. Human beings have been evolving in many different ways, but one area which we haven’t seen too much progress in yet, is clothing.

It is our mission to create multi-purpose, functional clothing that can make life more convenient and efficient by any means. Now we are finally ready to launch our first of (with the help of our awesome backers!) many products designed to make your life easier.


Have you ever had one of those days that is hot during the day but cold during the morning and at night but you’re stuck away from home or the indoors? Like that third day at a music festival in March or October? Or on that second day of hiking and camping with friends and it takes the entire day to get to the waterfall at the end?

What about those days when classes start at 9 in the morning and don’t end until 9 that night? These situations usually end with either stuffing a jacket into a now bulky backpack or carrying it around all day; and of course by the time the show starts or you make it to the cliff half way through your hike the phone’s dying right? That’s always an awesome situation to be in, but wouldn’t it be sweet if we could combine these issues into one resolution?

Well, that’s exactly what we plan on doing. At Evolution Wear, we aspire to bring clothing into a new phase of life. The release of our first line, the Winter Solstice, marks what we hope to be the beginning of this new phase. It is time for us to spark a clothing revolution, to evolve and have clothing do more for us than just keep us warm and portray fashion norms. Clothing is something we carry around with us on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t it do more for us? Well, we at Evolution Wear are striving to do just that.

Risks and challenges


The product was designed and developed by our team of collaborators in Los Angeles and Nashville. The production will take place at our sister factory where we’ve been developing the jackets for the past year. We are very confident to say that we are very capable of managing a successful campaign and delivering jackets before the expected timeline. We can 100% deliver the first 160 by Christmas!

Supply Chain

We’ve built a very reliable team over the past 2 years and we’ve seen a lot of amazing successes with the development. However, human error can occur and we have the processes in place to correct them. Our internal communication is key and will be the driving force behind the campaign.


We are now shipping worldwide! All orders shipping outside of the United States will be responsible for any extra duties and taxes.

Estimated Delivery

Each reward tier may have a different estimated shipment window. While we do not expect these to change, it is possible that the estimated shipment month may shift. At anytime up until your Jacket|Backpack has shipped, you may request a full refund. We can ship the first 160 before Christmas. The first 1000-5000 units will ship from the end January to early February of 2016.

Every order ships FREE to the United States! We are also excited to announce that we will ship worldwide, with the exception of Argentina, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Please note that you may be responsible for duties, fees and taxes applicable to your region.


Each jacket and components has a 1 year limited warranty, if complaint is filed within 30-60 days of detected issue. For support email info@evolutionwear.co

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