Retro Eco Electric Bikes

Retro Eco Electric Bikes

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An electric bicycle is in and of itself an eco-friendlier alternative to a gas-powered means of transportation, but the OtoCycles RaceR recycled bicycle takes things one step further by incorporating reclaimed materials into the manufacturing process.

Designed to look like a modern, skeletal interpretation of a motorcycle from the 1950s, the OtoCycles RaceR recycled bicycle weighs just 28-kilograms and is able to be powered by the pedals or the incorporated battery pack that’s stored neatly in a bag within the frame.

With the brand based in Barcelona, the OtoCycles RaceR recycled bicycle has an effortless sense of European coolness that makes it great for narrow corridors or bikes lanes in the city. Ideal for those who love retro design but want modern functionality, the OtoCycles RaceR recycled bicycle offers the best of both worlds.

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