Boxy Futuristic Bikes

Boxy Futuristic Bikes

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Arvak is a futuristic bike that may not be something that would appear in the next ‘TRON’ movie, but could easily make the rider feel as though they are entering a new age. Granted, a truly futuristic bike might be hovering at that point. Nonetheless, the simple and geometric aesthetic of the Arvak is something many contemporary people will appreciate.

Designed by French design studio Keim in collaboration with the Breitfuss workshop, the futuristic bike boasts a hollow monocoque frame that is made out of 24 layers of laminated ash wood and a bio-sourced resin. Fubiz writes, “The orientation of the wood fibers has even been optimized to develop the best quality of the material.” Although it has the hefty look of a mountain bike, the futuristic bike looks made for speed.

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