Solar-Powered E-Bikes

Solar-Powered E-Bikes

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The Leaos Solar e-bike is an e-bike whose frame is embedded with solar panels, a setup that makes it possible to use the bike in an energy independent way at specific usage levels.

The e-bike is equipped with an auto pedal-assist system as well as an electric drive setting. This makes it possible for the bike to be fully self-sufficient at so-called ‘medium usage’ levels, meaning up to 20 km per day in pedal-assist mode or 16 km in electric drive mode. At these usage levels, the battery won’t die completely as the solar panels will continually charge the batteries — as long as there is light available.

The Leaos Solar e-bike is only the latest in a long line of vehicles that prove that the automotive and transportation industries are at the forefront of exploiting solar energy technologies.

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