Smatphone-Controlled Electric Skateboards

Smatphone-Controlled Electric Skateboards

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The ‘Blink-Board’ is an electric skateboard that was recently unveiled at CES 2016. While the concept of an electric skateboard is nothing new, the self-propelled devices have yet to become a mainstream form of transportation. However, this connected skateboard could make the device more popular among young consumers.

The Blink-Board is produced by ‘Acton,’ which is a company that is best known for its electric roller skates. Now the company is testing out a different form of transportation with its smartphone-connected skateboard. The Blink-Board is modeled after conventional long-boards, yet it measures just 26.5 inches in length. The short deck and the fact the device weighs just 10 pounds makes it an extremely portable form of transportation. In addition to its portability, the Blink-Board is also designed for easy riding. The device allows riders to use their smartphone as a remote control, which facilitates map-based navigation and easy riding.

The Blink-Board demonstrates the future of connected transportation and the demand for new ways of navigating urban environments.

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