Thrill-Seeking Travel Diaries

Thrill-Seeking Travel Diaries

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Part two of the ‘Paracosm Travel Diaries’ sees photographer Sam LI and model Jenna Lipps exploring their sense of play. Whether it’s skateboarding along the freeway or jumping into a pool fully clothed, there’s no adventure that these two dare devils won’t entertain.

More than just possessing an adventurous spirit, this travel diary illustrates the power of friendship. After all, who would engage in this thrill-seeking behavior alone? Though Lipps is the only one in the photos for the most part, LI’s presence is strongly felt throughout.

Despite the fact that human life is largely spent pursuing individualistic goals, LI says, “…we should never forget, when we have the wonderful pleasure to meet someone whose path decides to cross with our own. We should always love what adventures we have in life that are not experienced alone.”

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