TESLA & SOLAR CITY Planned Merger

TESLA & SOLAR CITY Planned Merger

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Los Angeles, CA – July 28, 2016 – (Newswire.com)

On the surface TESLA’S acquisition of SOLAR CITY seems like, as Mr. Musk himself referred to it, “a no-brainer”, but upon closer inspection of SOLAR CITY’S solar panel technology, it becomes obvious that a new solar technology, branded SOLAR HUT, better fits with Mr Musk’s long term business model of becoming a global renewable energy leader.

IPG, a U.S. technology conglomerate, whose SOLAR HUT solar technology is not only more ecologically friendly, but also 400% more efficient then solar panels currently being manufactured by Solar City, and in-use everywhere from the roofs of people’s homes to Tesla’s Giga factory in Nevada.

Tara Chand, IPG’s founder and the inventor of Solar Hut, said, “There are three different reasons we are able to achieve an unheard of multiplier of four times greater efficiency than common solar panels in-use today.”

Mr Chand explains: “One reason Solar Hut makes eight times more efficient use of current solar cell panels; the Second reason without, whatsoever, any mechanical structural movement, Solar Hut automatically tracks the movement of the sun from east to west; and the Third reason Solar Hut’s design utilizes five times more efficient use of space.”

Mr. Chand continued, “Solar City manufactures their widely used 3×5 feet solar panels, generating on average, 250 watts/hour; compared to SOLAR HUT technology, which, using the same footprint of fifteen square feet and half of a fifteen square foot solar panel would generate 4 times (or 400%) more solar energy or the equivalent of 1 KW/H.”

“Solar Hut helps the solar energy movement and supports Tesla in reaching its stated goal of achieving a one trillion market valuation as part of Elon’s plans for a combined Tesla-Solar City.”

SOLAR HUT works as a non-mechanical sun tracking system capturing both heat and solar radiation resulting in 400% greater energy efficiency than SOLAR CITY’S solar panels.

SOLAR HUT uses longitudinal lenses arranged in a semi-hexagon pattern to focus solar radiation as the sun travels from east to west, concentrating the solar radiation toward the center of each energy collector onto a semi-hexagon array of photo-voltaic cells, combined with a heat transfer system.

SOLAR HUT’S solar energy collection technology can also be utilized as large solar farms in any shape or size. SOLAR HUT technology is an integrated solar energy system providing scalability, an ecological friendly footprint, durability and cost-efficiency.

Mr. Chand noted, “he is looking to grant licenses to TESLA and the wider solar energy industry for SOLAR HUT’S innovative technology, to help accelerate adoption of renewable energy technologies for the greater benefit of society.”

Tara Chand is the founder and CEO of Internet Promise Group (IPG). IPG is a unique innovation enterprise that was founded by Tara Chand in January 2000. Through his creative efforts, the company has built a large and diverse capital asset base of Intellectual Property.

A prolific inventor, Mr. Chand has organized this broad array of IP assets across seven different market verticals (www.internetpromisegroup.com). IPG is planning to go public in the near future with an announcement of a major International IPO.

Media Contact: Spencer Clark at (310) 787-1400 or clark@internetpromisegroup.com.

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